Performance Optimisation

Achieve Your Performance Goals

Key areas of support


Managing Emotions

Managing Performance Anxiety and Dealing with Pressure

Developing Growth Mindsets

Focus and Concentration

Finding Motivation and Enjoyment

Having Confidence to Compete
Developing Emotional Intelligence and

Injury Management

Team Dynamics

Leadership Development

Developing Resilience

Youth Sport Development

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Providing therapy and support



Emotional Difficulties

Play Therapy

Cultural Identity

Abuse and Trauma


Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Substance and Alcohol Abuse and Addiction

Athlete Transitions and Identity 


Runners Taking Off
Rock in Sand

Empower2Perform Services

Building Trusting Relationships

Providing a safe space to bring to the fore performance mental blocks, life concerns and difficulties that a client may be dealing with, by applying a human centred approach. Key listening skills and exploration skills will help the client build awareness. Specialised modalities are Child and Adolescent Psychology, Cultural Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Tele Psychology Provision, and CBT Based Mindfulness Solutions.

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