May 05, 2020

Podcast Interview with Lewes FC

Wellbeing in athletes : internal dialogues, acceptance, life balance, emotion management and life in lockdown - Listen in

Shameema Yousuf

June 14, 2017

ZOC and E2P in Work

June 14, 2019

Coach workshops were held with National Sport Federations  to support their Olympic programs in  the lead up to the Tokyo games

Shameema Yousuf

October 31, 2019

AASP Portland, OR

October 23 -26, 2019

Founder Shameema Yousuf was present to deliver on three symposiums

Shameema Yousuf

June 20, 2019 

WTCA Invited Speaker 

June 20, 2019

Speaking on the neurobiological and psychological considerations for working with women and girls in tennis

Shameema Yousuf

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