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About the Founder


Shameema Yousuf is a UK registered sport and performance psychologist, mental health therapist and performance coach. She specialised in sport and performance psychology, mental health and cultural inclusion. 


She has a global private practice based out of London, UK serving FTSE and NASDAQ organisations, healthcare institutions, olympic and professional sport, and non-profit organisations. 

She is a registered practitioner psychologist with the Health and Care Practitioners Council (HCPC), UK, registered therapist with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and holds the credential of Certified Mental Performance Consultant®. 


Shameema is an Executive Board Leader for the Association for Applied Sport Psychology and her career spans three decades. She began in the financial services industry as a trader and fund manager before taking a path to support others develop their full potential. She describes needing the performance mindset, personal qualities and self care coping mechanisms to develop resilience, perform under pressure and thrive in any domain. Shameema has other elite performance experiences as an athlete in Zimbabwe.


Shameema's approach is backed by science as a scholar, and author with publications in peer review journals. Her research interests focus on cultural inclusion and critical inquiry. She has featured on numerous media forums that include Zimbabwe National Broadcast News, BBC, Sky Sports News, The Guardian, and the Wimbledon Radio Channel. Shameema was also honoured on the Muslim Womens in Sport Powerlist in 2020.

In her spare time Shameema travels extensively, enjoys many outdoor activities and sports, and finds time to try her hand at being chef and host.

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