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Below are some frequently asked questions and answers, but reach out for further information.

What is sport and performance psychology?

Mind, brain and body combine to have an effect on performance. The practice of sport psychology focuses on integrating many psychological disciplines to optimise performance and well-being. Practitioners in sport psychology work with individuals, teams and organisations to help support athletes thrive on their performance journey, manage the pressures of performance, develop healthy identities and pursue life interests with a sense of purpose. E2P's philosophy of performance wellbeing supports athletes to be at their best and enjoy their performance journey, while prioritising relationships, innovation, engagement and growth in pursuit of success.

What is counselling and psychotherapy?

Both are “Talking Therapies” or "Psychological Therapies". Counselling is often referred to as short term support, whereas psychotherapy may be longer term. Counselling and psychotherapy are available for individuals who experience difficulties in their mental health. With talk therapy and other modalities, individuals can develop awareness and coping mechanisms to help them manage their health. We all may experience difficulties in life, and it can be important to have someone trained to help support you during those times. Many therapists are clinically trained with certain specialisations. Professional accreditation provides confidence that the individual has received supervision in reaching a required level competency.

How does the practitioner work?

All consultations are confidential and information is only shared with informed consent. The practitioner may counsel individually, may work with a team delivering and facilitating workshops and group sessions, or work with organisations to develop programs. Retainer schemes are also provided. The practitioner utilises culturally informed practices and "meets the client where they are" with understanding and empathy.

Why seek out a practitioner?

A practitioner can help all gain insight into what may be holding you back. In performance by developing awareness and applying psychological techniques, individuals approach tasks with more confidence, heightened motivation and decreased anxiety, resulting in overall enhanced performances.

Helping individuals thrive is core to E2P's work. It is quite normal to go through difficulties in life and struggle. E2P provides counselling to help you understand what you are experiencing and brings awareness to your presenting concerns.  Our concerns lie on a continuum and through therapeutic alliance, the practitioner can help you live a fulfilling life.


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